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Web Services
TradeSchool Web Services provide you with access to your training center account. You can modify your user name and password, update your contact information and preview your progress through the training program.
Contact Information
Update your contact information to stay current with training center notices and correspondence. It is very important that we have your most current phone number(s) and mailing address. It is also helpful to enter your email address for receiving the most current up-to-date information.
Training History
Live history of your training is available to review. You can also print certificates of classes taken, review tests and grades, and build an online resume of your training and certification history
Apprenticeship information
If you are an apprentice you will be able to access, review and submit apprentice information. Review your advancement, evaluation, training history and other important information. You may also submit and review your Monthly Work Reports online.
Online Applications
We may offer online applications. Online applications allow you to fill out our required forms, upload and submit documents, read and agree to our terms of application and more. Please contact our office, or click on the Applications tab up in the menu for more information.
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