York Electrical Institute     555 Willow Springs Lane, York, PA 17406    717-843-8368
Welcome to the new Web Services

**Journeyman and Apprentices **

Our new system uses your EMAIL to log in.

If you have an email already on file with us, you need to click
reset password the FIRST TIME you log into the new system.

Journeymen if you do not have an email on file, you need to call the office to have your account created or updated with your current email address.

**Applicants **

Use your email to log in. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT you must click Create Account and fill out the form to request a new account.
If you have enrolled in a Pre-Apprenticeship program with us, you already have an account on file. You do not need to create a new one. Your email address used in the pre-apprenticeship program will be your email to log in. If you used a school email and no longer have access, please contact us to update it.
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